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"One day, I had an idea..." 

This is the story of one brilliant idea and the child who helps to bring it into the world. As the child's confidence grows, so does the idea itself. And then, one day, something amazing happens...

In 2018, award-winning composer Paul Rissmann created a magical orchestral work for symphony orchestra and children's choir that brings to life the inspirational story of What do you do with an Idea? In partnership with New York Times best-selling author, Kobi Yamada, this collaboration will see the work recorded by leading ensembles Australian Session Orchestra, The Australian Voices and Young Voices of Birralee, narrated by Paul Rissmann.

To be recorded in June and ready for release in October, the work will be distributed to orchestras, schools and communities all around the world so that they too can create and present their very own performance of this incredible story. Now, more than ever before, we need to empower our young people to believe in their creativity and ideas, and ultimately, to change the world. Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra (2019) and Adelaide Symphony Orchestra/Young Adelaide Voices (2018), this immersive work is like no other before it. 
We encourage everyone and anyone who believes in the power of ideas to donate to this campaign so that together we can inspire and bring hope to communities all around the world.

Artistic Team
Composer/Music Director: Paul Rissmann
Creative Producer: Emily Gann
Orchestra Director: Daniel Lopez
Conductor: Gordon Hamilton
Sound Engineer: Geoff McGahan

The Australian Session Orchestra
The Australian Voices
Voices of Birralee 

What do you do with an Idea? is written by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Mae Besom and published by Compendium Inc. 


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